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Once a vibrant and bustling city, the technologically advanced coastal island of Nova Sicilia has lost much of it’s luster along with its population. The humans that inhabited the various sectors have vanished completely. The robots that worked and lived alongside them have kept going even as the remaining humans expired, but what is their purpose if not to serve humans? Why continue a hollow existence as a mere echo of what they could be? After many years of adapting to no avail, some of the higher functioning units have found a way to solve their biological lifeform shortage through highly technical, mysterious means.

Slowly, they are repopulating the island by borrowing people from less desirable timelines and universes and bringing them to a paradise where they will want for nothing. So long as they follow the rules…

Please enjoy your stay.

0. private sector - no admittance
1. business sector
2. upper class residency (mainly condos)
3. lower income housing, all in disrepair, broke robots and trash
4. industrial sector - harbour/broken bridge/factories

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